A pressure washer trailer is a mobile cleaning system that combines a high-pressure water pump, a power source (usually a gas or diesel engine), a water tank, and a pressure washer hose and wand on a trailer. This setup allows for high-powered cleaning in various locations, making it an ideal tool for businesses that need cleaning services at different sites.

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You might need a pressure washer trailer for several reasons:


The trailer allows the company to provide on-site cleaning services, which could be beneficial for clients who need cleaning at multiple or remote locations.


The pressure washer trailer allows for high-powered, efficient cleaning. It can be used to clean large areas or items such as buildings, equipment, parking lots, and more.


It can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks, from removing dirt and grime to stripping paint.


Owning a pressure washer trailer can be more cost-effective in the long run than renting equipment or hiring external cleaning services.

Important components of a pressure washer trailer build:

High-Quality Pressure Washer

The heart of the trailer is the pressure washer itself. It should provide enough pressure for the tasks at hand and be reliable and durable.

Power Source

A reliable, high-powered gas or diesel engine is necessary to drive the pressure washer.

Water Tank

The water tank should have enough capacity for the cleaning jobs the company is planning to undertake. It should also be durable and properly secured to the trailer.

Hose and Wand

The hose and wand should be durable and long enough for the tasks at hand.


The trailer should be sturdy, well-balanced, and easy to tow. It should also have enough space for all the components and be able to support their weight.


There should be secure storage areas for the hose, wand, and any cleaning chemicals or other supplies.

Safety Features

The build should include safety features like pressure relief valves, thermal relief valves, and lockable storage compartments.



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