A pressure washer “wash system” is a specialized setup designed to clean and remove dirt, mud, and other debris from larger vehicles, wheels and undercarriages. These systems are often used in rental yards, lumber yards, mining operations, heavy equipment dealers, solid waste handlers, quarries, industrial or construction sites where vehicles frequently move in and out, carrying dirt and debris that can potentially harm the environment or public roads. 

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You might need a truck wash system for several reasons:

Regulatory Compliance

Some local laws and regulations require construction and other similar sites to have a wheel wash system to prevent the spread of dirt and debris onto public roads.

Environmental Protection

Wheel wash systems can help prevent soil erosion and water pollution caused by tracked-out sediment.

Vehicle Maintenance 

Regularly removing dirt and debris from vehicles can help maintain their performance and longevity.

Site Cleanliness

Having a wheel wash system can help keep the site cleaner and more organized, reducing cleanup efforts.


By removing dirt and mud from vehicles, the wheel wash system can improve road safety by reducing the amount of debris that might otherwise end up on the road. Remember, the need for a wheel wash system largely depends on the nature of your operations and local regulations.




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