With our wide assortment of compact and mid-size walk-behind scrubbers along with our stand-on and ride-on floor scrubbers, commercial vacuums, and sweepers we are sure you will find the right tool for your job.

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BRC 30-15 C

The BRC 30/15 C is designed to productively clean carpet with less effort, resulting in time-saving productivity gains. In interest of simplicity this machine requires minimal service. It is lightweight and compact for ease of use and transportability. Compact deep cleaning solution.

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Cadet 7

Nothing matches the value and ease of use of the Cadet 7 self-contained extractor. It easy to see why the Cadet 7 is such a popular extractor. It has proven itself as a reliable, robust machine that deep cleans carpets to like-new. Operators controls are intuitive and ergonomic for hours of pain-free operation.

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B 75-110 R Bp

The ride-on B 75/110 R Bp scrubber is the most updated and compact scrubber in our product line-up. With outstanding suction performance including an all-new aluminum, die cast squeegee, you’ll have less moisture left behind. Big bumper wheels on the brand- new die cast brush head will help keep corners and walls free of unwanted marks. This also means easier maintenance and operation.

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B 150 R Bp

The B 150 R can cover up to 64,580 ft2/hr making this one impressively productive scrubber. Although it can cover large areas quickly, we made sure that it has great visibility for safety. Our KIK operating system and the color coded controls make operation simple and intuitive. KIK allows managers to control what functions and settings their employees can use and adjust.

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BD 50-70 R Bp

We designed the BD 50/70 R ride-on scrubber for tight congested areas that need maneuverability and productivity in one package. This value conscious machine will provide you with years of quality scrubbing without breaking the bank. Every aspect of this machine has been streamlined to provide the best scrubbing at the best price.

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BD Classic Series

Designed to meet all of your scrubbing needs without breaking the bank. With the BD 70/75 W Bp Classic, BD 80/100 W Bp Classic, BD 50/55 W Bp Classic and BD 50/50 C Bp Classic scrubbers, Kärcher presents its Classic Scrubber line. These machines are battery- operated, have a very solid construction, and are characterized by their simple operations.

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BR 35-12 C Bp

Thanks to the innovative steerable cylindrical scrub deck, the BR 35/12 C Bp can clean adjacent to the wall at a 90° angle. It can scrub in any direction making it the most practical scrubber for tight and congested areas. The steerable cylindrical scrub deck is an out- standing technical innovation: It can be horizontally rotated 200° in both directions, finally eliminating blind spots when cleaning! The height-adjustable, telescoping and folding steering column allows any operator to set it to their most ergonomic working position.

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KM 70-20 C

Speedy sweeping and painless maintenance rolled into one convenient package. These sweepers provide superior sweeping performance in a compact manual push sweeper. They’re built to be rugged and durable for long life.

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KM 75-40 W Bp

Compact and agile, the KM 75/40 W Bp cleans small to medium-sized areas with excellent results. With convenient traction drive and powerful vacuum system, available with silent battery-powered motor.

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KM 85-50 R Bp

The KM 85/50 R Bp is a battery-powered ride-on sweeper perfect for congested areas. Its compact design and high maneuverability make cleaning faster than ever in confined spaces, narrow corridors and around sharp corners. The KM 85/50 R Bp is extremely easy to operate and maintain, and boasts impressive area performance outdoors, making it a versatile and efficient entry-level choice for ride-on sweepers.

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KM 90-60 R Bp Adv

Comfortable alternative to walk-behind sweepers. The KM 90/60 R ride-on sweeper offers best-in-class comfort with its adjustable seat, easy steering and large wheels for high performance as well as providing excellent cleaning results. The KM 90/60 now offers fully automatic TACT filter cleaning system.

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BV 5-1 Bp

Experience the freedom, safety and productivity of going cordless. The 2nd Generation BV 5/1 Bp backpack vacuum is 100% powered by its new lithium-ion battery. Complete with a innovative brushless motor, and digital indicators to monitor battery life and remaining runtime. Our superior technology produces a powerful, yet quiet vacuum that increases your productivity exponentially.

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The BV/VAC PAC HEPA series are portable back mounted vacuums great for increasing productivity, efficiency, while saving you money. Breathe easier with HEPA-level filtration standard on these vacuums. They also have an ergonomic harness system, allowing the operator to move around quickly and easily for maximum productivity.

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CVS 65-1 Bp

In just one round of vacuuming, our battery-powered CVS 65/1 Bp Pack carpet sweeper shows its strengths, impressing users with cleaning results comparable to those of an upright brush-type vacuum cleaner. The powerful 36V lithium-ion battery allows up to 60 minutes of continuous operation and cleaning of around 19,375 square feet of carpet on a single charge. The efficient, two-step filter system comprising of a prefilter and a PTFE-coated flat pleated filter for dust classes L and M ensures dust-free working, while its low operating noise of just 56 dB(A) also allows for use in noise-sensitive areas.

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NT 48-1

These standard class wet and dry vacuum cleaners are ideal for wet and dry vacuuming of small areas with powerful suction performance. Robust, affordable and versatile, they effortlessly pick up dirt and liquid and are ideal for contract cleaners and for use in the automotive industry.

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NT 68-1

The NT 68/1 offers more efficient water pick up with its front mounted and self-adjusting squeegee assembly. It’s unique 18 gallon capacity is designed to empty complete without the need for tipping.

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NT Vacs Series

At Kärcher, we are concerned about your health and safety. We think that it is important to get the vacuum system down perfectly first. Our competition only seems to be concerned with the tool attachments. The new generation of Tact wet and dry vacuums are high-performing units that pack a lot of features. Thanks to our continuous improvements to our automatic cleaning system (Tact), large amounts of fine dusts can be vacuumed without any interruption in suction. 

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The Ranger vacuum blends professional-grade quality and durability with affordable pricing. Make the switch from cheap, disposable vacuums and choose the sustainable choice, a vacuum built to last. The Ranger gives new meaning to “you get what you pay for”. It’s the best commercial entry level vacuum in the market because we designed it to be. With an energy efficient impeller style system, this vacuum will make quick work of any cleaning job. Plus, the manual height adjustment means you can use it on different types of carpet, as well as hard floor surfaces with ease.

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Don & Bruce rebuilt, as required, our pressure washer while our driver waited so we where able to keep our service commitment the following day.

- Al C.

I bought a Landa from them in October. I am very happy with the product and it works great. Very nice family run business to deal with!

- Chad F.

Other places just wanted us to buy new equipment. Our technician showed up on time and knew exactly what the problem was fixed it promptly. I was impressed

- Eric A.

Had a new waste oil furnace installed last winter. Very good to work with and good installation. Also good follow up with the routine maintenance this summer. So far the experience has been great!

- Scott M.

Highly recommend this company. I have been doing business with them for thirty years. Last year I was in a pinch. Needed a part to get a job done. They stayed after closing hours, installed the part for me, so I could satisfy my customer. Incredible people at Portage Power Wash.

- Frang G. 

These guys are very knowable all things pressure washers, Had a great experience with them.

- Jeff L.



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