Portage Power Wash water treatment systems are designed to be efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly. Our systems are equipped with advanced filtration technology to remove contaminants from the water, making it safe for reuse. With Portage Power Wash, you can trust that your water treatment system is reliable, efficient, and compliant.

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PWR Series – Portage Power Wash

The portable water recovery series captures, filters and recycles wash water for reuse or proper disposal on and off jobsites.


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Bio Series – Portage Power Wash

The popular Bio Series System utilizes fixed-film bacteria in conjunction with coalescing media to treat wastewater. Oxygen is added to the bacteria in the waste stream by venturi injection system.

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WCP Series – Clarifier Wash Water Recycle System

Designed to remove free hydrocarbons and filter water, these systems come standard with pH and ORP injection and are Corrosion-Resistant when utilizing polymer tanks and recycled plastic skids.

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WCU 35OMEI – Portable Water Recovery Trailer

The portable water recovery series captures, filters and recycles wash water for reuse or proper disposal on and off jobsites.

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The ALPHA-1500D is a highly effective above-ground oil/water separator and is designed to discharge wash water at rates of up to 15 GPM. The ALPHA incorporates: a low-profile stainless steel tank; stainless steel baffles positioned for optimizing the water flow; proprietary coalescing “Maze” grids that maximize the oil coalescing process; ultra-violet ozone generator for odor control; automatic oil skimming and decanting; NEMA control center for automatic operation. 

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The gas-heated HBG system, available in carbon or stainless steel tank options, is capable of evaporating wastewater at up to 30 gallons per hour. The combustion box in the HBG is made of advanced heat reflective material and features a unique energy-efficient design for reflecting the heat directly onto the floor of the evaporation tank for energy cost savings. A high-efficiency burner shoots a flame, fueled by natural gas or propane, into the combustion chamber for unusually high energy efficiency. 

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High Boy

The IPF solids unit utilizes inexpensive fabric media to filter out solids. Filter fabric, which is supplied in 5, 20, and 50 micron sizes, is automatically indexed onto a recessed conveyor belt constructed of a high tensile, non-corrosive material. As water and solid particles drain through the filter fabric, solids are retained. 

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The REC-ZCF combo skid offers a plug-and-play unit that is pre-piped and wired, ready for connection to tanks and pressure washers. The REC/ZCF Skid is a powerful and flexible pumping and filtration system that can serve as the hub of a wide range of water treatment, recycling, and discharge options. 

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Evaporator applications normally have smaller volumes of wastewaters with characteristics that are too complex and expensive for traditional treatment methods. The process of evaporation is a thermal exchange of heat into the body of water.

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Universal Clarifier

The Water Maze Universal Clarifier is designed to be the platform around which your wash water treatment solution is built. The unit can be configured in one of four ways to best address your critical contaminants. 

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Don & Bruce rebuilt, as required, our pressure washer while our driver waited so we where able to keep our service commitment the following day.

- Al C.

I bought a Landa from them in October. I am very happy with the product and it works great. Very nice family run business to deal with!

- Chad F.

Other places just wanted us to buy new equipment. Our technician showed up on time and knew exactly what the problem was fixed it promptly. I was impressed

- Eric A.

Had a new waste oil furnace installed last winter. Very good to work with and good installation. Also good follow up with the routine maintenance this summer. So far the experience has been great!

- Scott M.

Highly recommend this company. I have been doing business with them for thirty years. Last year I was in a pinch. Needed a part to get a job done. They stayed after closing hours, installed the part for me, so I could satisfy my customer. Incredible people at Portage Power Wash.

- Frang G. 

These guys are very knowable all things pressure washers, Had a great experience with them.

- Jeff L.



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